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There are four parts to ecommerce in XPOR.

1) Listing products
2) Customers selecting products
3) Customers checking out
4) The payment gateway for selling the products to the customer.

The Payment Gateway is the fourth part - it allows your customers to purchase their product through some method of payments. There are many ways they can pay, and this help resource covers how to use any of the range of gateways available with XPOR.


Payment Gateways are made under Order Type objects. You should already have your Order Type object ready from setting up your Basket/Checkout atoms - if you have not yet done so, see the relevant help resource.

When you click Add on the Order Type object, you actually get a number of Payment Gateway object types to choose from. The default ones that come with your XPOR have a light brown colour:

 To decide which of these you'd like to use, refer to the short summaries below - they will also link you to their help resources so that you can set them up.

  • BACS Payment Gateway - allows payments to go through the BACS service which is used by a large number of banks in the UK.
  • Cheque Payment Gateway - allows a cheque to be made out from your customer to the company.
  • International BACS Payment Gateway - allows payments from abroad through the BACS service.
  • Paypal Payment Gateway - sends information to Paypal to manage the payment through their services.
  • World Pay Payment Gateway - uses the World Pay financial service to manage payment, another popular international option.

With your object set up under your Order Type, it will be used wherever that Order Type is used. This includes your Checkout atom! So your customer will go through the Checkout and reach the selected Payment Gateway.

If you have a payment option you would like to use that isn't listed here, then you can make a new Object Type to do so - see the relevant help resource on making new Object Types. Your new Object Type would need to inherit the Payment Gateway object, as without it, you won't get any of the Payment Gateway features! 

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