XPOR System Modeller is Windows 10 & 11 ready.

XPOR System Modeller is built for Microsoft Windows platforms, including all versions of Windows 10 & 11.  All new versions of the system are tested on Windows 10 & 11 pc's before release, for at least 3 weeks.  This includes Windows 10 & 11 platforms running in several network environments and workgroups.

XPOR System Modeller is continually updated to maintain its compliance with the Windows 10 & 11 environment.  In the event that users of the system require support with their installation or have questions about Windows readiness, please contact us on support@xpor.com, or add in a support request through the User Forum at https://xpor.com/eng/analyst-forum.

The System Modeller software will connect to and configure your XPOR installation.  You can download the installation package here.  This will download the installation package directly through your browser - depending on your browser you may see it appear at the top or bottom of the window.

Remember you will need to input your account details to connect it to your XPOR installation.

If you need these details recovering for you, please contact us at support@xpor.com.

You can see that XPOR System Modeller is Supported on Windows 10 & 11 here.