The thing about XPOR is ...

... you get a lot built-in.  And it's almost limitless - so Help and Guidance Resources are here for two reasons;

  • To assist you to apply or configure an XPOR service
  • To overview and inspire you to use XPOR services

We have built up a significant library of Guidance Resources, which are (naturally!) inter-connected.  For example, if you are adding a Grid Form on a Web Page, you can configure the Grid Form to provide access to the Column Filtering feature - this is THREE Guidance Resources - one for the creation of the Grid Form, one for the addition of a Grid Form to a Web Page and another for the configuring and use of Column Filters.

Putting all of this into one Guidance Resource made it very long and, in any case, we use these Guidance Resources in context of other Guidance Resources as well - Grid Forms are connected to "Data Sources" and "Dashboards" and "Permissions" etc.

Most Guidance Resources are available directly from the process you are using.  For example, if you are building a Grid Form in Object Modeller, we connect this feature directly to the Grid Form Guidance Resource.  You can access it from the icon on Object Modelller.

If you are adding a grid to a web page - the relevant Guidance Note can be accessed from the Atom Config form.

However, like riding a bike, as soon as you are up and running you will rarely need the Guidance Notes for help purposes.  But it is always a great way to find inspiration to address new challenges and discover XPOR features.

It's all online - without any access permissions.  And we have a large library of YouTube videos to support the text - the videos give a good overview and the text provides the detail.

Happy XPOR-ing!