Work out a model for
your system

Build the Model
with XPOR Object Modeller

Build the Interface Forms
for the site

Add your objects
and associations

Control access -
and you are live!

XPOR is freedom - freedom from the need to employ a coder to develop your solution.

You don't need to explain the system - how it should look, what it should do and how, to a "techie"!

You've worked with the client to create an accurate solution; you know "the purpose".

XPOR provides you with the ability to make that service. 

Your ideas are what count

You have worked out how to do things BETTER.  Managing the flow of information between people, getting things done, on time, in budget, within targets.  Replace the memos, pieces of paper, spreadsheets, whiteboards, post-it notes and heresay. Build your own solution, online and fully under your control.

XPOR - delivering your ideas.


Describe the world as you see it.

No need to adapt to how software coders work.

Use a tool that lets you describe the system, as you've conceived it.  With the ability to adapt to on-going change and service improvements.  System Modelling - the art of describing the obvious.  Step back from the difficulties of communicating with software programmers and instead think how it would be best for you, as a Business Analyst.  No-Code! 

XPOR - your world, as you see it.

"Things" and how they "Connect"

"This has one of these and it is handled by this person".

Three objects described in that sentence.  Sketch each of them out as a box or circle.  Give them properties to describe them.  Then draw lines between them, to associate them to each other as they are in the real world.  Your System Model!.

XPOR - an easy to understand system model.

XPOR Delivers

Build your service as an online system.  Make your own Object Types, Associations and Interfaces to those Objects.  Locate objects in relation to each other and customise what you want to be seen.  Deliver this with security.  Change things whenever you want, control who can do what, however you want.

XPOR delivers - control back to you.