Work out a model for
your system

Build the Model
with XPOR Object Modeller

Build the Interface Forms
for the site

Add your objects
and associations

Control access -
and you are live!

Most software services are now developed as web based "Apps".

XPOR is THE tool for doing this - without needing to know any code.
Use your Analytical skills to plan out the Requirements and get to a System Model.
Then use XPOR to prototype (or even deliver) them!

It's a perfect accompaniment for Business Analysts.

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System Model

This is what we have been building up to - the Analysts' turn to shine!  Let's have a look at how you are going to approach modelling your own systems.  XPOR lets you model the "real world" using "things" and how they "associate" to each other.  Simply describe your "things" and "associate" them to other "things" and you've made your System Model.

Part 1 introduction to System Modelling

Part 2 introduction to System Modelling

Object Modelling

Armed with your system model sketch - time to have some fun.  This bit's really going to impress you.  Quick, easy, powerful and under your control.  Your system model will soon be a real on-line web service!

Part 1 Creating new object types

Part 2 Creating new object types


Back End Administration

You'll be expecting something special for back-end administration.  You won't be disappointed.   The XPOR back-end administration system is packed with features. So let's get started by understanding the basic principles of the XPOR administration system.  It's a good place to start, though only part of the story you are about to experience.  The back end admin system is powerful and easy to use.

The XPOR administration website interface 

Front End web service

The back end is great but your new service will be all about the Front End - this is where you'll get people to engage.  Most of what happens on the front end will involve your clients simply doing their own work - completing forms, creating new entries and managing the things they do.  So get those UI / UX skills working to give them an enjoyable experience.  This automation of the front end usually completely removes the need for regular front end editing of the website.  But if you do need simple content editing, the XPOR Content Management features are perfect!

Overview of Front End CMS functions

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