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XPOR totally re-positions software development in favour of the Business Analyst.

XPOR enables people who have an analytical approach to problems, to prototype and deliver fully-fledged, web based software services.

Ideal for outlining to the Client and the Development Team - or even delivering a completed solution.

Experience the freedom, try XPOR out today, free of charge!

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Amazing People... we're talking about you.

Communication and comprehension - understanding the business case, gathering the requirements, conceiving the solution, innovation and (if that isn't enough) then there's the software specialist...!

XPOR is a totally new way to deliver those requirements - without needing a software specialist.

Everything is under your control, you have the analytical skills you can deliver the solution.  Prepare yourself!


... do amazing things

Building up the requirements and gaining the trust and buy-in from clients is not easy!  And at the other end, you've got to get that Technical team to deliver.

So - how about accompanying your User Story and Requirements analysis with a working Prototype?  XPOR will enable you to rapidly build a prototype - show the Client and the Dev Team what you mean.  Use your analytical skills to build systems as you conceive them.


XPOR Help Resource

We'd like to think that XPOR is so intuitive you won't actually need any Help - but, in the real world, you'll need a little guidance every now and then. And what you are about to make is going to be important for you. So there has to be a little pain, before the gain!

We don't expect you to have any development skills to use XPOR. You just need those Analyst's skills to "model" the clients real-world-system.  Then work out what information you need to collect and feedback. To help you get off the ground we have an intuitive online Help Resource, complete with easy-to-follow videos.