Work out a model for
your system

Build the Model in XPOR
with Object Modeller

Build the Forms and templates
for the site

Add your objects
and associations

Build the pages -
and you are live!

 XPOR is a paradigm shift in web service development.  Built for ordinary people like you and me to build manage and maintain an online web system - the sort of system you would previously have needed a Developer to build.

XPOR enables people without any code skills to build purposeful online services.

 Create your own web-based service - without knowing or writing a single snippet of code!!

XPOR - putting you back in control.


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Amazing People ...

 ... we're talking about you!

You have worked out how things work in your organisation, you know it can be done better, more efficiently, a better experience, better service ...

We think that's amazing!

Problem is, you need a software developer to deliver your ideas - well, not anymore you don't!

Prepare yourself!

... Do Amazing Things!

The first time you do anything different - IT'S AMAZING!!

So, you'll be truly amazed at what you can do with XPOR - and not just the first time you use it.

You can build your own system!

The things you think should make your organisation better.

Your own ideas.

This is all supported by MASSES of pre-developed features - a powerful content management system, user management, Forums, Calendars, Blogs, Maps, e-commerce, email campaigns ... all completely integrated.

But better than all this, use XPOR to build your own ideas.  An online system to make your organisation better.


Countdown to XPOR 

 Go on - give it a go!

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Install Object Modeller

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Do your own thing!

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Take back



XPOR Help Resource

We'd like to think that XPOR is so intuitive you won't actually need any Help!  But, in the real world, you'll need a little guidance - every now and then.  And what you are about to make is going to be important for you.  So there has to be a little pain, before the gain!!

We don't expect you to have any development skills to use XPOR, just be able to use a PC with the usual Windows programs.

You will need to think a little out of the box, to get a "model" together of what you want to reproduce online.  And you will need to know how to log in to your XPOR, etc

So, to help you get off the ground we have a few (!) videos built into a significant online Help Resource.