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What is a
No-Code Platform?

Describe your

Software Application

Platform generates

The Code 

The Interface

And Database

And serves the


No Code Development Platforms enable people to generate fully fledged Business Applications without any technical knowledge or specialist coding assistance.

In essence, the Platform is the Code Author.

Having described what you require, it will generate the code to achieve it - including the interface, the business logic and the database.

The Platform will then usually deliver and host the Application it / you has generated.

Most No Code Platforms enable you to;

Build and use Forms,

Store and process the data captured by the Form,

Make decisions.

The big difference between Platforms is the method of communicating your requirements to them.

Of the 30+ commercially available platforms, the principal difference concerns how they enable you to describe your system to them.

And when choosing one this should be your highest priority.

A few weeks (days!) after building your application, you'll doubtless want to modify it.

Will you be able to understand what you see?

How about sketching out a model of how the things in your business relate to each other?  This will make sense when you return to it later.

No Code platforms need to start with this model and enable you to build your Application directly from it.

This is the simplest way of describing things, so you can develop your Application quickly.  And it will all make sense when you come back to modify things.

There are other criteria to judge before making a selection of which platform to use.

For example, most platforms are built into the provider's "cloud" and can't be moved to your servers.

And then there is Cost! and built-in Features and Limitations and Difficulty and ...

Of course, you could just save yourself the time and stress and settle with XPOR!