XPOR 5.0.4 release note

Published on: 07/11/2016


Version 5.0.4 includes an extension of the statistics logging for all objects.  This will be used to present a thorough analysis of the use of objects in XPOR.  Put simply it will be possible to identify "the most popular web page" etc.

  • Viewing Stats Improvements
  • Improvements Login Atom
  • Changes to Mailing List Subscribe Atom + Contact Company
  • New Bacs Payment Method
  • New International BACS Payment Method
  • Product Waiting List
  • Conference Management
  • Ordering Of Slider Images by Child Order
  • Event Attendance
  • Forum Attachments
  • Improve Roles Management Grid
  • Email Processing Enhancements
  • Association Checkbox Group

Many other minor changes and bug fixes.