XPOR Visions developing powerful applications using your Analytical skills and No-Code.

Published on: 20/09/2018

XPOR has released the Visions Interface, a graphical method of both viewing and building a business system model - the perfect interface for No-Code development of software applications.

For those of you who have experience of this kind of thing, it's a bit like an Entity Relationship Diagram, though being a lot simpler than an ERD, we called it XPOR "Visions".  And, whilst ERDs are great for documenting a systems design, the XPOR Vision also directly powers your application. - edit the diagram and the Application immediately take this on board.

We think this makes XPOR the complete package for building Applications from the ground up.  Ideal for people with essential problem solving skills.

Have a look at this YouTube video and watch just how usable XPOR is, with the Visions Interface.

During our research ​with BAs we discovered just how effective the XPOR method - business system models - is for providing the foundation for Application Development.  And, although some BAs do not want to extend their role into the production of the Application, others do!  If this includes you, give XPOR a go and see just how much you can achieve with it?  Free Trial available on the Top menu.

Model, Build, Interface, Launch, Manage, Develop - perfect for new projects, large and small.