Publish Version 5.3.0

Published on: 27/09/2018

Why have we released these earlier than planned? Because we love the new visual design / build methods so much (“a thing of beauty!” quote our MD) that we all agreed “Get it out there!

Hence this release includes “System Visions”, “Forms Visions” and “Application Manager”.

These new visual methods assist the XPORians amongst us to;

System Modeller Updates

  1. Comprehend system models
  2. Focus on specific aspects of System models
  3. Build new System using the visual interface
  4. Build new Object types from the System Model
  5. Associate Object types from the System Model
  6. Rapidly navigate Systems in design mode, to extend or modify them
  7. Comprehend Form architectures
  8. Focus on specific Forms and follow their actions as an overall picture (Top / Bottom Toolbars, Row Double-click and Context menu)
  9. Create new Object Editor forms , from the System model
  10. Create Listing Forms, including Data sources / Queries, from the System model
  11. Replacement of icons (.ico) with Font Awesome icon set
  12. Introduction of icon editor, enabling manipulation of icons and overlaying
  13. Introduction of Application Manger and the Application Atom Type, including
  14. Application preview
  15. Jump to edit form
  16. Jump to default system vision for form creation
  17. Introduction of Default System Vision and rapid navigation
  18. Introduction of Form preview, allowing easier visualisation of the end product.

XPOR Core Updates

  1. Re-work of Permissions engine to improve speed.
  2. Front end speed improvements, including:
  3. Dynamic generation of minified Font Awesome libraries to supply only what the site requires
  4. Dynamic GZIP compression of all permitted document types
  5. Introduction of Email Campaign manager with bounce management and spam control