Progressive Web Apps - create, manage and operate your own with XPOR

Published on: 28/08/2023

We have introduced Progressive Web Apps into the XPOR platform, replacing the old "Applications" feature. So, you can now create installable Apps, that run within your devices browser (PC, Tablet, Mobile).

This has so many benefits, compared to store published apps.  Running inside the devices browser, we have access to the services that the browser has been given permissions for - such as location.  And we can push notifications directly to your Users device.

Of course, when we say "we" - we actually mean you. The whole point of XPOR is to provide you with the ability to create and manage all aspects of your software / internet presence.

Check out this video of a simple suggestions system being built and then installed on a p[hone.  It's real time - takes about 7 mins beginning to end.  The completed App is downloaded and installed on a mobile phone, accessed via a standard screen Icon.

The value and significance of PWAs is / could be huge, so long as the browser providers keep playing ball!.  And seeing as Google are the main PWA promoters, we'd hope they continue along this path.

Use XPOR, build your PWA and keep the pressure on the browser providers to continue supporting an developing this amazing new approach to software services.