Outsourcing adds significant risk of Project Failure!

Published on: 17/11/2017

Report after report tell us that getting your software and web services developed by “Outsourcers” is significantly risky.

Here’s a recently published example.


The reasons for “Outsourcing” are several, mostly predicated on the organisations inability to deliver the digital asset internally – no development team or structure.

But Outsourcing doesn’t even make life as simple as you will be hoping.  You will (desperately) need a means of managing the Outsourcer – a Business Analyst, a Project Manager and also a Knowledge Specialist as a minimum.

If only there was a way to build the web software service without all of this risk, complexity, overhead and loss of control. Well there is! XPOR – give it a go!  An amazingly simple and yet comprehensive tool for non-technical Knowledge Specialists to build their own web based service.