Edit web pages directly on the page

Published on: 13/07/2023

Web pages are "edited on the page" in XPOR, a now a move away from the pop-out editor method used for the past number of years.

Most content managed by XPOR services is captured / generated by objects, as a user might complete a form. But web pages are slightly different. Yes, they are objects, like everything else in XPOR, but they're purpose is slightly different.

Generally, web pages are created / set up once - and rarely changed after that. Consequently, the content editing process matched all other object editing methods - pop-out the selected Atom / content in a form, to enable the user to edit it from that "object editor" form.  The user would then save the form / content, return to the web page to review / modified it.

This direct online method had superceded the previous version management system, that most people are no longer interested in.  Originally, users would edit content and submit it to a Moderator for approval.  Whilst this process is still available to users, we have found that Moderators very rarely got involved - i.e. they always approved the content because it was only the author who really understood the purpose of their content.

Authors required to be able to write directly on the web page, so they could instantly see what their content would look like

This has now been enabled for XPOR.