Creating a web based service

Published on: 16/11/2017

Use XPOR to build a connected, web-facing service that delivers the service you know your users and colleagues want and will appreciate, whether they are internal or external to your organisation.  Make your organisation stand out because of its' service.  And keep improving it.

Bring this core activity of your organisation back under your control - continual service improvement.  Evolution not Revolution.  Remove the need for analysts and programmers, web developers and IT specialists.


First, sketch out how you see the process working, then load XPOR Object Modeller onto your pc, connect to your website and build it!

XPOR totally removes the need for anybody else to help you achieve this.  Even the stuff you think will be too complicated.

Have a look at these videos and judge for yourself;

  1. Sketching out your process model
  2. Building the model with XPOR Object Modeller
  3. XPOR admin website
  4. Your front end web interface

Then give it a go - it's actually quite addictive!  (Alternatively, don't and become the cynical old **** you despise!!)