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XPOR is an object oriented system.  Everything in is is an OBJECT.  The Contact object is a good starting place to understand what objects are!

There are two types of Contact object.  The first is the Mailing List Object type.  This is often referrred to as a "Lightweight" contact - as exaplined under its' own Help resource.

The standard Contact Object Type inherits the Mailing List Contact object type - you get all of its' features included when you create a standard Contact.

All people are stored in XPOR as Contacts Objects, including yourself.  Amongst other things the Contact Object is your User Account, with your Username / Password and your account settings.

You can quickly view your own contact details by logging into the back end of XPOR and opening the X5 menu -> "My Account".

Contacts are primarily stored in groups, which are then a quick and simple method to categorise people and also grant or deny permissions on other objects.

Who a user is, where they are stored and their individual settings can all be used to dictate what they can see and do in your XPOR system.



All contacts have the following tabs:

  • Details
  • Contact
  • Contact Details
  • Account
  • Profile
  • Address Book
  • Received Emails
  • Comments
  • Associations
  • Permissions
  • Change Log

Details Tab

Every object in XPOR has a details tab, and Contacts are no different.  However, the Contact object "Object Name" differs from other objects.  Contacts have names (!) - First Name and Surname.  These are automatically compiled into the ObjectName.  Alternatively, if you make a Contact in the backend of XPOR, you can provide the Contact object with an object name, for eample, Fred Bloggs.  The will then be automatically processed into the Contact as its' First name and Surname properties.

Contact Tab

This contains all the standard personal details you would expect any person to have. When you first create a contact the Forename will be automatically filled with the first word you typed in the object name, and the Surname will be everything else. All Contacts require a Forename. They will also have their gender set to Unknown and their X5 backend theme set to grey by default, but these can both be changed.

Contact Details Tab

This tab contacts information on how to contact the person/contact. We recommend you always enter a Primary Email where possible.

Account Tab

The account tab is used for all contacts that log into the system.

X5 automatically generates a Username and Password for new contacts and these can be edited if you wish. To enter a new password just type it into the 'New Password' and 'Confirm Password' fields.

Account statuses

The default setting for a new account is Disabled, if you want this to change then you can change it to one of the other statuses. Each status allows a user to do slightly different things. They are (in order of power):

  • Disabled - These users cannot log into the site.
  • Enabled - These users can log in and access permissions controlled content on the front of the website (members' areas etc), but cannot do content editing or launch X5 back end.
  • CMS Enabled - These users can log in and can do front end administration tasks (such as content editing), but cannot launch X5 back end.
  • Admin Enabled - These users can do the above and also login to X5 back end.
  • Modeller Enabled - These users can do the above and also launch X5 Modeller.

Profile Tab

This is where the social aspects of the contact are kept (signature, avatar), and are used in Forums.

Address Book

This is where you can add and edit the contact's addresses. You can add as many address as needed, and select which you wish to be the default billing and default shipping addresses.

Received Emails

This tab shows all the emails that have been sent to this contact from the X5 platform, as well the status.

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