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The Mailing List Contact is a specific type of contact that interacts with mailing lists.


Mailing List Contact Object

The Mailing List Contact object is a simplified version of the Contact object intended for use with sending bulk email campaigns or newsletters to subscribers. There is only 1 important tab to this object which is the contact tab.

XPOR Mailing list contact contact tab

This tab contains all the necessary fields required for a mailing list contact. The only compulsory fields are the Forename, Username and Password. The Username and Forenames are the name that the object was made with and the password is automatically generated when the object is created. Whilst the Primary Email is not compulsory it is necessary given that the function of the mailing list contact is to receive emails. A mailing list contact can be automatically generated when someone signs up to the mailing list in the front end of the website. For more information on please see the relevant help file.

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