Business Analysts can now deliver software solutions without the pain!

Published on: 21/03/2017

The Business Analyst is the person often found between the User and the Developer.  For example, the User (client / customer / chicken etc.!) needs a software solution (or some fom of business improvement) and the Developer (pig etc.) can provide it.  It’s difficult enough, understanding / conceiving the Users requirements.  But the Business Analyst must also have a close understanding of what can be realistically achieved - budget, timescale, usability, technically, securely … and a few other “ly’s”!

At a recent IIBA UK meeting, the discussion focussed on the BA’s role.  Gaining a close and quantifiable understanding of the Users Requirements whilst also working with modern software development practices, utilising “off-shore” development teams.  This simply brought home how much better the world would be if we didn’t need Developers!

Bring on XPOR!

The platform for continuously developed, online software services, not requiring Agile software Development practices (in fact not requiring a technical developer at all!!), minimal need for documentation and significantly reduced communication risks, fast service provision, user buy-in, negated software testing, secure etc..

An analyst, using XPOR, can use their Requirement gathering skills, project management practices etc. but deliver the solution without the communication, costs, delays etc. that frustrate most projects!

We will be looking at and incorporating new features in the development path of XPOR, to further optimise the XPOR platform to enable Business Analysts and Requirement Analyst to better do their jobs.  The monolith that is the “old” software development model will be removed and the Analyst can be freed up!