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The Website Object is a container that carries the key information about the website (such as the web address) and will contain all of the web Pages, Sections and other items that you want to be able to use for your website.


The Web Site object type is a core object type.  Its' purpose is to define the fundamental aspects of a website to XPOR.  For example it has the Web Addresses as a property, the dates that the website is on / off-line, Google Analytics details etc.

The Properties shown below are the Web Site object Object Structure properties. 

CustomRedirects (sub Table)

The Custom Re-Directs sub table manages the cases where a web page is not available for the user to view.  The Redirects pick up web page "errors", such as Page Cannot be Found 404, and directs the user to a selected web page, such as a custom "We're sorry, this web Page cannot be Found".

Click the + New button to enter a new redirect;

Website Custom Redirects   

This will open a form to select the HTTP code;


And to select a page to "redirect" the visitor to;


Custom redirect select web page

 Completing the select process adds a new record to the sub table;

Custom redirect select example


WebsiteObjectId (Int)

This sub table entry records the website (ObjectID) for which the re-direct will work.

WebageObjectId (100002)

This sub table entry records the target web page ID that the matching http code will respond to. 

HttpCode (CMS_WebSites_CustomRedirectCodes)

A table of common website redirect codes

DomainNames (sub Table)

A website object can respond to any number of web addresses.  For example,,,, etc.

It is possible to use multiple address to direct Users to appropriate sections of your web site.  e.g. goes to your home page, whereas you goes to a customer service section of your website.

This is all managed in a Sub Table, which records the domain name and the web page you want it to take the User to.

Configuring Domains to go to pages

Clicking the + New button will open up a small form to enter the Domain, and select a web page to be its' destination.  There is also a check box to select whether this will be the default option of this website;

Configuring Domains to web page



A golden property connection to the target Web Page 


The domain name that is being configured


One of the table entries can be set as the Default value.


GoogleAnalytics_Profile (sub Table)

Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Webmaster Tools are trusted, valuable methods of assessing the effectiveness of your web service.  Once you have your Google account set up, you can use the webmaster tools to add a "Property" - a website! - at which point Google will provide you with a unique tracking code.  You can then install this on your website, to be used on all web pages.  Web pages themselves have the option to be included in the analytics set (see Help Resource for Web Page).

Note, Google will not be able to access "private" pages, whether they are permissions restricted or association accessed ("MyStuff").

Always be careful that you control and understand what Google can access - it will become available to the entire web - and will likely be cached in Googles archive!  It's not easy to get this removed in due course!

This Sub Table will add Google Analytics Codes to the website.  It is possible to add more than one code to the site.

Google Analytics sub Table

To add a new entry to the Google Analytics sub table click the + New button, to open a form to complete the details;

New Google Analytics Entry

Profile Name

The Profile Name is a plain text field in which to enter a name for the GA Profile - such as "Main Site Profile".  You may choose to match this to the name you gave to the "property" in Google Analytics.

Web Profile Id

Enter the Code that has been provided by Google Analytics.


This sub Table entry records the website that the GA Profile applies to. 

Is Default

This records whether the selected Profile is default for the website concerned.

WebsiteLanguages (sub Table)

The XPOR content management system is built to handle multi-languages.  By default the website will be configured for English only. However, you can add as many Language options to the website as required AND change the default language to whatever you require.

This Website Languages sub table will present the language options configured for your website.

The ability of your website to handle multi-languages is set on the website configuration file (for those people who are hosting and have access to the config file on the web server).  It is set by default to enable multi-language. 

All Languages in XPOR are presented in a Control Panel table, accessible in the XPOR administration system;

XPOR Languages


Opening this table will display the entire list of XPOR languages;

There are 185 language options available altogether (March 2017).  To include a language into your XPOR Installation so that it can be used on your website, first find, then double-click the language;

Enabling Language option in XPOR 

Here you can Enable the Language, and choose whether or not to set it to default.  In this case we will select to Enable the language but leave English as the default.

XPOR Enabled Language

Now that the Language has been enabled on the XPOR installation we can allow it to be used on our website, using the Website Language sub table;

Languages on Website


Clicking on the + New button will open the list of Languages that have been enabled on the XPOR Installation;

adding language to website

Select the Language and Save.  The language is now shown in the list of Languages available on the website;

New Language added to website

 This Language is now available on all Web Pages.  When creating a new web page and adding Content to it, it will be added as the Default language.  In order to create a new Language of that page, please refer to the relevant Help Resource.


This field is not provided for configuration 



















Maintenance Exceptions 










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