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Managing Users and the services they can access can be quite a complicated task - and difficult to manage as the service becomes more popular.  However, the "Subscribable Service" object type can make this much easier.  For example, if a Company has purchased a subscription to a web service, you can easily allow any of its employees to gain access to the service just by being part of that organisation.


The Subscribable Service object type is core component of XPOR that, on its' own, has little use.  It is intended to be inherited by other object types, so that they can be used as subscribable services.  To demonstrate this (and explain the properties and effects of the Subscribable Service object type) we have used a working example.

The Property of a Subscribable Service.

Subscribable Service Object Type Properties


The Subscription Plan property refers to a constant set that includes three options;


Subscribers can access the subscritpoion service if they have a User account (and permissions to see the web pages). 

2. Paid Subscription

This take the user to a page with the option to purchase a subscription.  As an outcome of purchasing the subscription the user is associated as a Subscriber to the service automatically.

3. Invitation Only Subscription

This Subscription plan just requires the User to be associated to the web service.  Either the administrator can do this in the back end (or a Front end form) or it can be managed in code or by an XFLOW that makes the Subcription association from the service to the User.

The Subscribable Service Options

It is also worth understanding the Association Types for the Subscribable Service because they manage the principal aspects of the service.

Association Type "Subscriber"

The user accounts (whether they are in an Organisation, Group, Mailing List or simply stand-alone) that have this association to the service will be able to pass through the Subscription barrier and access the permitted pages on the Subscription Website.

Association Type "Excluded Subscriber WebPages"

Any pages that are beneath the subscription website that you want non-subscribers to also be able to see, should be associated to the service by this association type.  For example, a Home / Landing page / T & Cs etc..

Association Type "Subscription for Website"

This (these) are the websites that are the Subscription service.

Association Type "Subscription Information Page"

If a non-subscriber attempts to access a web page that is included in the subscription, then the subscribable service will (BY DEFAULT) present a page explaining that the page is a subscribable  page;

Subscribable Service Alert

Alternatively it is possible to use this Association type to select a page you might make specifically for this service - perhaps with information about how to subscribe.  This association type will link to your Subscription information page.

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