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In the XPOR Ecommerce system, you'll want to ship your products out to the customers that buy them - the Shipping Method object is where you detail this process. There are many different methods you can have - you might send the product in the post, have it collected, or send it electronically for electronic items. As such, Shipping Method objects are created under Order Type objects, because you  will have different methods of shipping your different products.


To create a Shipping Method, navigate to your intended Order Type (if you have not yet made one see the relevant help resource) and create a new Shipping Method object under the Associations tab as a Child. When your new object's editor opens up, you'll want to set up the object through two tabs; Shipping Method, and Rules.

Shipping Method

Here's an example shipping method. On your object these fields will be blank. You fill them out like so:

  • Name: this is the same as your Object Name, so you can leave this be.
  • Maximum Weight:

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