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Render rules are a useful feature that allows you to add case specific detail to a grid. Grids are used mostly to display large quantities of information, however skimming/checking large quantities of information can can be very difficult and can put users off. Render rules allow you to make the key information in a grid stand out.

For a guide on writing render rules see additional help resource.


What can you do with Render Rules?

Render rules can be used to carry out actions on the contents of a cell in certain situations. The following actions can be triggered by render rules:

A) The colour of the text in the cell can be set to change
B) The background colour of the cell can be set to change
C) Predefined text can be set to appear
D) An icon can be set to appear


For example, on a grid listing all accounts in the system you could set:

A) The text to change to red if the account is disabled
B) The background colour of a column to change to blue if the user is male or pink if the user is female
C) The words "Back End Access Granted" to appear in a column if that account is an Admin
D) An icon of a supervisor to appear in a column if that account is an Admin

How does a Render Rule Work?

A render rule is made up of two parts:

The Statement:
This is a simple boolean algebra formula that only uses 'AND' and 'OR' statements

The Action:
This can be made up of one or more of the actions described in the 'What can you do with Render Rules?' section above.

Essentially the Action will occur if the output of the Statement is 'true'.

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