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Similar to the Recycle Bin on your PC, the XPOR Recycle bin is where Deleted Objects go, when they are deleted or you remove their last "parent".
You can either restore from the Recycle Bin - or alternativly completely destroy them!


You can access the recycle bin via the "Start XPOR" button in the back end of the site.

XPOR Start Button

What does the recycle bin show?

The Recycle bin shows a few details about the deleted object, including the user that deleted it and when it was deleted.

How to use the recycle bin

When an object is deleted and in the recycle bin, you can right-click it to get several options ebabling you to carry out some actions on it. These are:

1) Restore. This puts the Object back to where it was before it was deleted.

2) Delete. This destroys the object completely and is non-recoverable.

3) Empty Recycle Bin. This destroys EVERY object completely and is non-recoverable.

Recycle Bin

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