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Product objects are sellable objects through XPOR. They allow you to manage and sell a range of products through XPOR's built in Ecommerce Application.


Product objects can be made under either a Product Category or a Folder. They are also made under Orders, but this is an automatic process, so please don't try this manually!

Opening up your new Product object you will see these details:

  • Basket Quantity Non-Editable - this checkbox allows you to sell your product on a "fixed-amount-per-person" basis, which is useful for products such as software licences or contracts, etc.
  • VAT Rate - the rate of VAT charged for the selected product.
  • Description - the details of your product. This is what the customer will read from the list of products, so pay particular detail to this field.
  • Price Ex VAT - the base price of your product, in Pounds Sterling.
  • Quantity Added to Basket - as it sounds, this is the default quantity of the product to be added to a customer's basket when a customer chooses to Add to Basket.
  • Product Code - the product's identifier. This can be left blank if you prefer to use object IDs for the same purpose.

For physical products you can also specify options such as:

  • Bar Code - for which you select a type and unique code, and;
  • Physical Attributes - for specifying the dimensions and weight in the indicated measurements.

 The other tabs on the object are quite simple and allow you to configure different additional things for your product:


In this tab, you can set details of your stock recording methods. There is the Stock Control Method option where you can select what type of product it is, such as a simple product, or an electronic item, or something else. [talk to Shaun about Generate Stock Grid]

 Price Break

Here you can add discounts to the base product. By selecting "New" at the top left of this tab, you can choose options such as the discount type (fixed amount/percentage, for instance), the amount to be discounted by, and the base price. You can also make discounts that work with multiple different products, by creating an Offer object (see the relevant help resource on Offer objects).

Waiting List

[there is no option for the user to add themselves to this list, check with Shaun]

Variant Name

You may want to sell a product that has many variants; such as size, colour, edition or any minor difference that you may not want to make a whole new product for. By selecting New at the top you can create as many new variants as you wish, and they will display on your Product Listing atom when expanding details of the product.


In comparison to the Price Break option which allows discount options to be applied directly to the product, you can also allow discounts by making an Offer object type. These are set up by going to the Associations tab of your Product object, then going to the left pane and selecting the Offer association type. (See the below image which shows where it is):


Product Images

This tab is helpful for the Product Listing atom's purposes - it will display an image next to your product. You can set this to whatever you wish and it will list out.

 Once you've created all of your Product objects, it's time to list them out on your site, so that customers can buy them from you. The Product Listing Atom is the way to do this - see the help resource for information on setting up your Product Listing page.

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