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Mailing Lists enable users to subcribe to notifications from your website, such as Newsletters.  This video shows it in use on a website.


Using the Mailing List Subscription feature

This Help Resource demonstrates how a website visitor user registers interest / joins a Mailing List.  The Mailing List Manager Atom has been added to a web page and configured to add Users to a selected Mailing List.

In the event that the visitor doesn't yet have an account, the Atom will enable them to create a new User account, as a child of a selected Group.

In the accompanying video we can see a User attempt to join a Mailing List without having logged in.  They then try to create a new Account, using their email address.  The system recognises that the email address is already in use and so does not create the account, providing a message to advise them to log in.  They then log in with their old account and subscribe to the selected Mailing List.

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