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Independent Tables are used to hold information that can be used to feed into Objects, for example, on creation of an object we set the value of a property to match a value in an Independent Table.  This provides a "template" to set these values.  We can edit the Independent table entries without affecting the previously created Objects.  This is just one use of Independent Tables.


As an "independent" source of data that can affect objects, it is a powerful tool for system management functions.  The Attached Video Demonstrates how to create an Independent Table with Object Modeller.  The table is populated by adding data through the website, using a Grid Form, Table type Data Source and a Table Object Editor form - all explained in separate Help Resources.

Object Modeller - creating an Independent Table

Creating an Independent Table is achieved by;

  1. Create the Table Structure and its' Editor form in XPOR Object Modeller
  2. Edit the contents of the Table by using the website

In the first instance the Table is created, with its' fields (columns), by logging into your XPOR Object Modeller and adding in the fields you need.  Whilst creating the Table you will also create the Object Editor Form.  This is the form that is used to add / edit entries in the Table.

 Creating a New Independent Table

This procedure is demonstrated in the attached Help Resource.

You will then creating a "Table type "Data Source and a Grid Form, to display the contents of the Independent Table.  These processes are exaplained in separate Help Resources.  To start off with, you would have no data in the Independent Table.  So you use the Table Editor form to add records to it.

To access your table (for viewing / editing), you have two choices.  Firstly you can create a Form to list out all of the entries in the Table, as outlined above, and then adding the form to a web page.  Secondly, you can add the grid form to the XPOR Control Panel (back end).  This process is explained in a separate Help Resource and gives you a quick / central point of access to the table and its data.

XPOR admin Control Panel 


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