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The Group Object collects a set of Objects for easier management.


Group Object

The Group Object can be very useful when you need to manage a large amount of contacts or Organisations. You can send an email to a Group Object and that will send the email to all the contacts in that group. For how to send emails please see the relevant help file. The Group is also useful for dividing up your contacts and allowing you to tailor content to different Groups. The Group Object can also send password reminders to its Contacts and show the new users of that group. 

New Users and Password Reminders

The New Users tab shows the newest Contacts added to that group and appears like this. 

XPOR Group object type new users tab

It also features two buttons:

Send Password Reminder to New Users: This will send a password reminder email to only the new users. Once this has been done the new users will be removed from the new users list. 

Send Password Reminder to All: This sends a password reminder email to all the Contacts in this group.

To set which email is sent as a password reminder choose the Settings tab which will look like this.

XPOR Group object type settings tab

Here you can select which Email Object is sent to the users so it can say exactly what you want. To find out more about the Email Object please see the relevant help file.

And that is everything you need to know about the Group Object. 

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