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The Forums Board Object is the top level of your forum and contains a lot of the settings required to make the forum work.


Forums Board Object

The Forum Board is the most important level of the forum and is at the head of the Forum system. Most of the important settings are dealt with here. Whichever name you give to this object will be the name that appears on the forum atom in the front end so choose carefully! Below is the how the settings tab appears. 

Hot topics posts per day: How many topics per day can be Hot topics

System email address: The email address that all the notification emails will come from and reply to.

All members group: The group that has the forum users in.

Holding group: The group whose access to the forum is pending approval.

Notifications enabled: Enable or disable notification emails.

Frequency: How frequently you want notifications to be sent.

Day of week: Which day emails are sent

Day of month: Which day of the month emails are sent

Time of Day: At what time of day emails are sent.

Notification email: The email object that will be sent as notifications.

Emails: In this section you can assign which emails are sent for the following reasons; watched topic, watched topic replies, new comment, comment approved and comment rejected.


In the Terms and Conditions tab you can type in (or copy and paste) the terms and conditions of use for your forum which will show up on the front end of your website. In the ranks tab you can set a number of ranks users get for using the forums e.g. bronze, silver and gold for 5, 25 and 125 posts respectively. More information on how to set up forums can be found in the relevant help source.

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