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The Forum Object is one of the sub categories of the Forums system and has several settings for when users post topics and replies.


Forum Object

The Forum Object can be used as a sub category in forums and is the 3rd level of the forum structure. Whatever name you give to the Object is what will appear in the front end of the website so choose wisely! There is not much configuration required with this Object type. The options tab is the only one you need worry about. This has 5 checkboxes which are:

Require Moderation on Messages? - If checked then messages will need to be moderated by an administrator before they become public.

Allow Attachments on Messages? - If checked users can add attachments to their messages e.g. documents.

Display User Stats? - If checked the users stats are displayed next to their topic post.

Enable Announcements? - Enables users to set new topics as announcements

Enable Sticky Topics? - Enables users to set a topic as "sticky" so that it stays at the top of the forum.

That is all you need to know about the Forum object. For more information on setting up a Forum please see the relevant help file.

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