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This help resource provides an overview of how to set up a Forum Atom.


Forum Atom

Once you have set an atom to be a Forum Atom you will be presented with this menu where you can configure the settings.

Forum menu

Root Object: This needs to be a Forum Board Object which will be the top level of the Forum.

My Profile Page: When a user wants to view their profile this is the page that they will be directed to.

Show Topics Legend: Shows the legend for each topic.

Show Breadcrumbs: Shows where the user has been in the forum so they can find their way back easily.

Show Latest Posts: Show the latest post of each topic.

1st Comment Length: Limits the length of the 1st comment, if -1 there is no limit and if 0 then the 1st comment will not be shown.

Paging: On this tab you can set the number of Forum topics, Support topics and Posts per page.

 Once you have configured these your Forum Atom is ready to be used. If you have set up all your Forum Category and Forum objects so that there are categories and sub categories to organise them. If you need more help on setting up Forums in the back end please see the relevant help file.

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