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VAT is a tax that is subject to change (by government), whether "across the board" or for individual consumables.  Some consumables have NO VAT rate, and this list is also changed regularly.  This potential variation of a key cost contributor is handled in XPOR using a Control Panel table.  The control panel table "VAT" allows you to add new and edit VAT Rates.  This Table is then used throughout the e-commerce system and Products, to set and include the correct VAT rates.



In order to add a new rate you must navigate to the Control Panel ->  VAT. Here you will see a list of existing VAT rates in the system which will typically be 20% and 0%.


To add a new rate you need to click new which opens a blank form and enter both the name and the percentage rate.


After clicking save it will add the new VAT Rate and it'll be usable throughout the system for example on products.


To edit a rate you can either double click the row or you can use the right click context menu and 'Edit' to open the edit form. 


To delete a rate you simply need to select 'Delete' from the right click context menu. On click the rate will disappear from the form.

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