Web pages are made from Webpage Templates, the "layouts" for a web page.  Inside the various areas of the Webpage Template (Elements) we can locate "Atoms".  Atoms provide the function in that area.  This Help resource overviews Atoms and their use in XPOR web pages.


When constructing a Webpage Template you will create a series of "Sections", inside which will be Rows, which can be broken up into "Elements";

 The Build-up of a Template

The XPOR Template Designer will also let you put an "Atom" inside each individual Element.  Atoms are the functions that make things work on your web page, for example a Menu atom, an HTML atom, a Login atom or a Search atom.

Atoms are provided with Configuration Editors.  For example, if you choose to have a Menu Atom on a web page, you will be required to configure it, to work as you require.  This configuration can then be saved back to the Template, such that all subsequent WebPages have the "same" Menu.

There are a large number of different Atom Types at your disposal, listed out below.  Each Atom Type has a dedicated Help resource. 

  1. HTML / Rich Text
  2. Menu
  3. Login
  4. News
  5. Bespoke Code File
  6. Breadcrumbs
  7. Search
  8. Question Set Form
  9. Html Container
  10. Repeater
  11. Language Selector
  12. Shopping Cart
  13. Blog
  14. Blog Date Filter Atom
  15. Blog Category Filter Atom
  16. Blog Author Filter
  17. Form
  18. Dashboard
  19. Twitter Lister
  20. Gallery
  21. Forgotten Password
  22. Virtual Atom Renderer
  23. Exhibitors List Atom
  24. Core Sample Atom
  25. Password Reset
  26. Mailing List Manager
  27. Slideshow Atom
  28. Subscription Manager
  29. Virtual Atom Set Lister
  30. X4 Social Wall
  31. Interest Group Manager
  32. Sharing Atom
  33. My Profile
  34. Forum
  35. RSS Reader
  36. Google Map
  37. Registration
  38. HTML Form
  39. Video Viewer
  40. My Account
  41. System Notifications Atom
  42. Facebook Comments
  43. Attachments List
  44. Ecommerce Settings Atom
  45. Managed Event - Register
  46. Managed Event - Event Details
  47. Managed Event - Paper Submission
  48. XPOR Application
  49. Basket Atom
  50. Forum Update
  51. Managed Event - Sponsors
  52. Event Programme Viewer

The principal of the web page Template is commonly applied.  And the application of "Atoms" to templates in the manner exaplined above is also applied with other mainstream CMS's.  XPOR enables a step further, where the atoms provided on a template to create a web page may subsequently be swapped out for a different Atom type.

In fact it is also possible to push the changed Atom type in a specific Element, back to the original Webpage Template.  consequently all Web Pages subsequently made with this Webpage Template will have this replacement Atom Type by default.  You can also edit existing Web pages to "Pull" Atom Types / Configurations from a modified Webpage Template.

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