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Sending emails from your XPOR installation, such as confirmation emails, notifications and campaigns, may or may not reach their destinations!  They may be rejected because the recipients email address no longer exists.  So how do we stay on top of this?

The email send log maintains a permanent record of the emails that your installation has sent - and provides details as to how they fared on their journey.


Having logged into the back end of XPOR and opened the Email Application from the Start menu.

XPOR Email Campaign Manager

Looking at the Email Sent list;

XPOR Sent Emails List

Double-click a row to get more information on the batch.  This opens a form starting with the Email Batch Details tab.

Details tab

XPOR Selected Email Batch


The Email Object that was sent


The User Account that sent the Email

Queues At

When the email was queued for the sending process to send.  Sending usually occurs a few seconds later

Dry Run

Displays whether the email batch has been set as a Dry Run (i.e. all emails have been generated but not actually added to the send queue for processing)


Displays any notes that were added to the Email batch

Query String

If the email batch was used to merge data into the emails being sent, then it is possible to do this by either "Mail merging" or by "Content repeating".  If the latter option was chosen, the query to reach the target merge data will be displayed here.

Stats tab

XPOR Email Batch Stats

Total Successful

This provides the Total count of how many of the emails in the batch could be successfully processed by XPOR.  Failure to process an email is usually because of a badly formatted email address.

Total Failed

This provides the Total count of emails that failed to be sent by the email system - usually because the recipients email address is incorrectly formatted, such as fred@@bloggs.c

Total Delivered

This proivides the total count of emails in the batch that have been delivered to recipients AND who have opened an image on the email.  It is possible that the real number of "Delivered" is greater than this, either because the email had no image on it or because the recipient did not choose to open the image.

Total Read

If the email included a link back to the website - and the user clicked it - we recognise this as "Read".  The actual count of Emails that were Read will likely be greater than this, as only a few recipients will choose to follow liks back to the website.

Total Bounced

The Bounce management system in XPOR email campaign manager can be configured to receive email bounces and record them against the each target recipient.  An email bounce is usually because the recipeint email no longer "exists".  To set this up, you will need to follow the instructions in the Help Resource.


This tab displays a list of recipients that were included in the email batch, with a click through to either the email sent to the recipient or a link through to the recipients account.


This is the list of recipients that XPOR has worked out as having had the email delivered to.


The list of emails that XPOR has recorded as Read


The list of emails that XPOR has recorded as Bounced - note that this feature must be configured - refer to Help Resource


The list of recipients that XPOR failed to generate an email for, usually because the email address for the recipient is badly formatted.

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