Changing Atom Types

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Atoms are the "functions" you can add to Web Pages, positioned inside Web Page Template "elements".  Atoms and Web Page Templates are explained in separate Help Resources.  This Help Resource demonstrates how you can create a web page with a configured Web Page Template and then subsequently change the Atom Types provided on the Template to any of the other Atom Types in XPOR.

This function is useful for rapidly configuring new pages, with different functions, but looking similar to all other web pages made with that Template.

Note, there is a degree of risk using this method of managing web pages.  You may subsequently become confused as to why a web page looks a certain way, when the template it is based on doesn't have that function on it!  Also, it is possible to "Push" atoms out to web pages made with Templates, which will overwrite your changes!


There are many different types of Atoms in XPOR, each of which is provided with its' own dedicated Help resource.  They are deployed on Templates, to provide their function, e.g. a Menu or a Shopping Basket.  They can be set as a "default", when you create or modify a Template with Object modeller.  They can also be set and changed directly on the web page you have created with a template.

Finally, XPOR allows you to reset a web page to its' default Atom settings (PULL) AND set the default Template atoms / configuration to the settings you have configured on a web page (PUSH)

For a full description of Atoms and their use on Templates, please refer to the Templates Help resource


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