XPOR Hosting Contract


XPOR is an online software service for which you will have purchased a licence (refer to your End User Licence Agreement).  The software is hosted (stored and runs) on a web server, managed and provided in accordance with the following terms.

Additionally, you may be provided with the XPOR Object Modeller – a software programme that you will run on your own pc, used to configure and develop your XPOR online service.  The maintenance of the object modeller software is NOT covered by this hosting contract and is entirely your own responsibility.

The web server hosting your XPOR installation benefits from the following service.  Note, your XPOR installation will run on a physical web server, which is neither “virtual” nor “load balanced”.


The machine will benefit from;

  • 14-day rolling back up program (see “Backup Options” for details)
  • Once daily SQL backup.
  • Weekly application of Windows updates
  • Shared 100MBit/s leased line connection to Internet Backbone
  • Shared 100 MBit/s resilient fail over connection to Internet Backbone
  • Fully Firewalled
  • Climate Controlled server room / rack space
  • On-site engineers / technical support (UK office hours)
  • Off-site technical support (outside UK office hours)
  • Call-out support (outside UK office hours)
  • 4-hour on site attendance (ntl SLA)
  • Full anti-virus scanning
  • Domain name (DNS) management
  • Web based email service
  • Electrical power and server rack space
  • Allocated Client Account Manager contact
  • Dual Phase electrical supply
  • Bandwidth limits (total bandwidth consumed per month)
  • Network isolation
  • Dedicated Server File backup
  • UPS (15 minutes including safe boot down period)
  • Specific windows update / management
Backup Options

The machine will be backed up on a regular basis.  This is to minimise the risks of losing data / service in the event of (inevitable) machine failures or accidental data deletion.

The rolling program of back-ups comprise;

  1. on-machine backups.
  2. central machine backups.
  3. off-site hard disc storage of backups.
Disaster Recovery Costs

Disaster recovery services can be provided, charged on time and expenses.

Telecomms SLA

XPOR is connected to the Internet via "leased line" (fibre).  This is back by a "resilient failover" entirely separate line (copper).  This is provided by a selected telecomms provider, currently BT (subject to change). The telecoms service level agreement is subject to regular updating.

In principal, the telecoms provider provides a 6 hour service restoration time, commencing with the raising of an “event” ticket.  In the event that both the main Fibre line AND the fail-over Copper line are inaccesible, we will raise a ticket with BT accordingly, whihc triggers the 6-hour maximum service restoration period.


Additionally we provide our own technical support, on call during normal UK office hours (Mon-Sat 08:30 – 18:00).  Additionally all lines and selected network resources (we would include your server in this list) are monitored 24x7, 365 days per year.  We use two monitoring service, which monitor website / server responses from multiple global locations for server response.  This ensures both network connection and server response. 

We respond to alerts 24x7, 365 days per year, within 1 hour of an alert.  Problems that cannot be resolved remotely are dealt with on site within 2 hours of the reported incident.

In the event that the problem can be resolved by our technical staff it will be actioned immediately.

In the event the problem is third party, e.g. telecomm, then the SLA resorts to their SLA, as outlined above.

Terms and Conditions of contract

XPOR Ltd. standard Terms and Conditions of Contract – copy available on request.