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Grids are used to list out objects that fulfill certain criteria. They are a key aspect of XPOR web services, used to display objects in a manner that most users are accustomed to.  A bit like spreadsheets, with Order, filter and hide columns.

Similar to other Form types in XPOR, you can consider the Grid to be a Window onto the underlying data.  From the mass of data that is held in your XPOR, you can filter and configure your system to only show exactly what you are looking to present through your website.


How to SetupGrid Advanced Options

When adding a Grid the first step is adding a Data Source. This is where the grid knows what to list.

To create a new Data Source press the "+" on the Data Source Name field, this will open a new tab. To use a premade Data Source press the magnifying glass and a window will open with all of the Data Sources in the system. Select the required Data Source and save your form. For more help on Data Sources see the relevant help file.

Data Source Search

The next step is adding Columns, without them nothing will appear in the Grid. For more help on Columns see the relevant help file.

Those are the 2 most important parts of a Grid. Everything else is optional. They are as follow:

Paging - When "Paging Enabled" is True a paging bar will appear at the bottom of the grid with First page, previous page, current page, next page, last page and refresh on. on the righthand side of the paging bar there is an item count and how many are being displayed. The "Paging Size" number sets how many items are displayed per page.

Toolbars - This is where it is possible to add buttons and other items to the top and bottom of the grid. Please see the Toolbar Help file for more information.

Context Menu - The Context menu is a dropdown that is accessed by right clicking on a row. It is the same as the buttons on the toolbars to setup. For help with this see the Toolbars help file.

Row Double Click - It is possible for an action to occur when a row is double clicked. For help with this see the Action Designer help file.

Default Buttons

Allow Add. If true the following button is added to the Top Toolbar . This button opens a new object form which is the default form for the objects being listed. This only works for certain Datasource types, these are Table, Subtable and Associations (Only Children Associations). 

Allow Delete. If true a delete button is added to the Context menu. The Object/Record that is deleted is based on the key field of the datasource.

Allow Edit. If true an edit button is added to the Context menu and allows the funcionality to double click the row to open an editor. The Object/Record that is edited is based on the datasource and the form that is opened is the default editor for said object.

Allow Export. If true the following button is added to the top toobar . When pressed a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet is exported from what is currently on all pages of the grid.

Allow Manage Versions. Not currently used, if an object is versionable and there is a need to manage versions then the core versions tab should be used.

Allow Search. If true the following button is added to the top toolbar . When pressed a form will open with fields to search the grid.

Allow Set  Default. This is used on subtables, for example setting the default file for a document.

Search Form - This is the form that is opened from the search button. It can be any object editor but if fields aren't needed for search it is possible to select "Prevent Advanced Search" on the controls.

Tab Title - If used with another grid or form a tab will appear with this name.

Variables - It is possible to manually select the form variables, this includes ParentObjectId and CreationLocation. To add these simply click on the 3 dots next to the field, press the add button, select the variable in the dropdown for the key and enter the value required. Only variables that are used on this form will be listed.

Empty Text - If nothing is returned this text will be displayed.

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