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XPOR has full management of Contacts - all your contacts in one place - your web service.  Leveraging that facility to provide a tool for mass communication means that administrators no longer need to rely on separate third party services, such as Mail Chimp.  Instead, XPOR administrators can maintain their contacts up to date with email campaigns, report on success and automatically manage the validity of their contacts and groups.

It is also possible to link up XPOR contacts with their Local email accounts, particularly useful for providing normal Email Client programs, like Outlook, with access to website generated emails.

XPOR email Campaign Manager (Basic) is a default application for all XPOR installations.


Sending and managing emails is provided by XPOR in a powerful and flexible feature known as Email Campaign Manager.  This feature can only be accessed from the admin system of XPOR and will only send emails from email addresses that you have confirmed as being valid from the XPOR server.

Emails can only be sent to contacts that are stored within your XPOR.  By default XPOR provides two types of Contacts - "Contact" and "Mailing List Contact" either or both of these will receive email.

This Guidance note shows how to send emails using Email Campaign Manager, to a targetted list of contacts.

How to send an email in XPOR

Email Campaign Manager is the tool that is used to send most non-automated emails from your XPOR  In fact Email Campaign Manager will be involved in ALL of the email processing that occurs on your XPOR, including automated emails.  So the entire record of email delivery from your XPOR can be seen and explored with Email Campaign Manager.

In order to navigate to the Email Campaign Manager click on the X5 in the top left corner and select Email Campaign Manager. This will then take you to the dashboard. 

To send an email click the send email button which will then present you with the following screen.

Email Campaign

1: From

XPOR will only send emails from addresses that are validated for your XPOR.  This will display either your Default Email address (see your account Contact details) OR, if your default email address DOMAIN is not "authorised" on your XPOR, it will display the system default "authorised" email address.

XPOR actually sends emails FROM the system email address BUT includes the "On Behalf Of" feature.  Consequently, you can Authorise the snedig emaill address - for example the system address, and then send emails form Email Campaign Manager that recipuients will be abel tom reply to!  The reply will go to tyhe "on behalf of" emails address - i.e. your default email address on your XPOR account.

It will be used as the "on Behalf of" feature of the email.  option for your specifies the user email account the email will be sent from which the recipients will see. If the selected email account does not have the permissions to use the Email Campaign Manager the system will send it from one that does have the permissions.

2: TO  – Click on the Object Browser button next to the TO field and navigate to the object you wish to send the email to. Alternatively, if you know the Object ID, type the number into the box and press enter which will bring up the specified object. This can also be done for the TO, CC, BCC and Reply To fields. Also if the email you want to send to is not in the system you can type the email into the box and press enter to use that email. Objects that can be sent emails include: Contact, Groups, Mailing Lists, Virtual Folders, Date Mine and Search Queries. It is possible to use as many objects as you want if you want to send to multiple Contacts or Groups for example.

3: CC & BCC - These fields follow the same process to select as the TO field. CC sends a copy of the email to the specified Object(s) and BCC does the same but is not shown to the person the email is sent to. If it's left blank replies will go to the From Contact email.

4: Reply To - This specifies which object any email replies are sent to. Usually this is the sending email but any Contact can be chosen. If it's left blank replies will go to the From Contact email. To choose the object follow the same process as TO but only Contact Objects can be selected for Reply To. Also it is not possible to type the email into the box, an object must be selected.

5: Enabled Accounts Only – When this box is ticked any disabled accounts will not be sent the email.

6: Email Attachments – Use the object browser to select images and documents to attach to the email. Tick the Default File Only box to send only those files (it is automatically ticked). Leaving that unclicked will send all the files and versions on that document. However a document with no default set will send all files even if the box is ticked.

7: Set Target Delivery – Ticking this box will allow you to select the time and date, click the drop down button to choose which.

Setting the time and date does not guarantee the emails will arrive at that time as it may take some time for the emails to send. For large batches (over 100) allow time for the emails to send, for example a batch of 5000 emails could take 20-60 minutes to send fully. If you need the emails to arrive by 9:00am schedule target time for at least 7:00am. As a general rule schedule large batches for 2 hours before you actually want the emails to arrive.

8: Query String

9: Email Type: there are 2 types of email which can be sent. Object, where you select an email object to be sent or HTML where you type the text of the email to be sent. When HTML is selected this appears and you can type the Subject and body of the email into the boxes.

Email Campaign HTML Type

The benefit of using an Email Object, instead of typing the email in, is that the Email object can be sent as many times as you like. Typing the email however does not save the text unless save it elsewhere. In any case whichever type you choose is the email that will be sent to the recipients.

10: Is Dry Run - If this box is ticked then all the usual send tasks but does not send the live email out. This is useful to determine if any of the emails being sent to are invalid.


Once all these have been completed click Send in the bottom right corner to send the email!


Video - Using XPOR Email Campaign Manager (Basic)

The linked YouTube video provides a simple overview of how to use the basic Email Campaign Manager.  Separate Help files are provided to explain and demonstrate how to connect User accounts to their XPOR email records and how to configure authorised accounts and Reply To settings.

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