Creating New Object Types - Part 1

Sometimes the easiest things seem to be the most difficult.  Things that we see every day and recognise without a second thought can be a challenge to describe - you just "know".  And the purpose of Object Modelling is to do just this.  Using your Object Model, you can then construct a website that has more relevance and dynamism than can be efficiently achieved and supported in any other way.

Over the past 20 years we have all been required to adapt to using IT systems.  The simple fact is that this is the WRONG way around.  IT systems should HELP us to do our work.  Using the XPOR object model approach to developing a functional, web based service you will take back control of your IT service, allowing you to comprehend it yourself, design it yourself to meet your own requirements and continually improve that service, as and when you feel appropriate.

XPOR is not just a website cms - it is intended specifically for purposeful, functional systems that assist people in their work.

If you consider something sitting on your desk - for example a pen - you can see it as a discrete object.  It has properties, such as Type, Colour, weight, length, age, bar code ... etc.  You could quite easily describe it to somebody else.

Using Object Modeller, you can quite easily describe it to your new web service.

Open Object Modeller and connect to your web service.  Then refer to the Help Video (button at the top of this form)

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