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The Association Manager control provides a means to Associate Objects to each other, by a selected Association Type. Those people who use the XPOR back end will be familiar with the principal of associating objects to each other, from the various object Association types that have been configured for each Object Type.  This control brings this feature forward from the back end through to the Front end.  It can be included on Forms and configured as shown below.

The attached video demonstrates this Control being added, configured and used on a Form.


Setting up the Control

Association Manager Field controls work on Object Editor Forms, focussed on the object you have open.  You cannot use the Association manger field control to work on objects that are not the focus of the Form that the control is located on.

When adding an Association Manager Field control to an object editor form it needs to be positioned under a "Field Set Container" that is under a "Form".  Once added you can configure the Control with the following settings;

Association Type

This setting will display the list of available Association Types for the object that is the focus of the object editor form being worked on.  You select Association Type you want the control to manage for the object.  For example, in the screenshot below, the Object Editor form being worked on is based on an object that has a list of Association Types configured for it.  We select the type of Association that we want the Association Manager Field control to provide.  If we select "Children" then, when the Form is opened for a specific objectID, the control will display all of the objects Children.  If the User who is using the form has "Manage Associations" permissions on the object concerned, then they will also be able to Add / Edit / Delete associations between this object and other permitted objects in the system. 

Association Manager Field Control Association Types

Default to Grid View

By default this is False so the objects are viewed as object icons, if set to True it will list as rows.

Field Label

This is what is shown above the field as you can see in the images below.


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