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A container for web pages, allowing them to be grouped in sections.


Website Folder Object

The Website Folder is a simple way to organise your Web Page Objects so that they are easier to find in the back-end. This is similar to how a folder works in a normal file and folder structure, but you can have the same web page object in multiple Website Folder Objects.

It helps to divide up your site into sections.  For example you could make a Website Folder Object called "ecommerce" which would then contain all of your pages that relate to ecommerce.

The Website Folder can only be created as a child of a Web Site Object. There is only one important tab for this object; the settings tab.

Include in Site Menu: If this is checked then the Folder will be listed as an option in the site Menus but as it is not a web page it will not be selectable.

Include in Site Map: If this is checked then the folder will be included in any site maps. However as it is not a web page it will not be selectable.

If the Menu Atom is configured to accept it, then hovering over the Website Folder in a menu will show you all the web page children objects of that Website Folder in a drop down mini menu where each can be selected. In essence this creates a category for the menu to be divided into.

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