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The Website Installation Folder is a simple container for the various elements of your website.  When you create a new Website Installation Folder it will automatically create several sub-objects to get you up and running with creating a new website.


The Website Installation Folder has no special Properties to configure.  It is merely a Container for Website Objects.  But, as such, it will automatically create a few sub folders, to assist you to get your website up and running.

Creating a new Website Installation Folder

Website Installation Folders can only be created in the XPOR back end adminstration system.  Log into the XPOR Back end and navigate to the location where you want to create the Website Installation Folder.  In this example we have chosen to create the new Website Installation Folder on the Root.

Simply click the button to create a "New" object, select "Website Installation Folder" from the list of object types, give your folder a name, and click "Create":

create new website installation folder

The Website Installation Folder will also create several other folders / objects, to get the process of creating a new website up and running quickly.

Directly beneath the Website Installation Folder we will create;

Contents of the Website Installation Folder

The "Bespoke Code Files" folder is simply a location for you - if necessary - to include your bespoke code files.

The "File Store", called "Files", is created to store any graphics files that you may subsequently upload and use in your website.

The Folder called "Templates and Themes" is pre-populated with a basic Web Page Template and Theme Package, to get you up and running.

Website Templates and Themes

Inside the Theme Package we also create two Themes;

Website Inst Folder Themes

We also create a simple Template;

Basic Template created in Website Installation Folder


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