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The Twistter Lister atom allows you to display a certain number of tweets from a twitter profile. It can either be tweets directly from the profile or from a list on the profile.

Once you've setup the atom it'll automatically show the latest tweets from whatever source you've chosen.



Once the atom has been added to the page you will be presented with the config. The atom itself will not work until you have selected a previously setup twitter profile.

Twitter Lister Atom Config

Twitter Profile 

Options Twitter Profile

You simply need to press the folder button on the right side and use the object browser to select an already setup twitter profile (this is covered under another help file entitled 'Twitter'). Once this is done your atom will now work with all defaults set which is simply 3 direct tweets and no extra buttons.

Page Size

This is simply the number of tweets to display at any one time. If the number of tweets on the profile is less than the number specified on the atom then it will simply display all of them. Defaults to 3.

Follow Button?

This option allows you to add a 'Follow' button to the atom such as the one below.

XPOR Twitter follow button

This button allows for users to follow the specific twitter profile (once they've signed in if required). 

Defaults to false.

Button Placement

This field allows you to decide the placement of the 'Follow' button. The options are either 'Above' or 'Below' and as the names imply the button will be inserted above or below the atom. These options require the 'Follow' button to be allowed. Defaults to 'Above'.

Show Seperator

This option allows for a separator (pictured below) to be inserted between each tweet on the atom. Defaults to false.


Use List?

This option simply allows to you state if you want to use a list or not in place of the tweets coming directly from the twitter profile. In order to use the list you will also need to select one from the next option.

Selected List

This field allows you to select a list from the twitter profile (requires the twitter account to have the lists already created, this is covered in the help file entitled 'Twitter'). If you already have lists setup then all you have to do is select the desired one from the drop down list. Assuming you have also selected the option 'Use List?' then the atom will now be powered by that list.

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