The Table Editor Form Type

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You add Independent Tables into your XPOR to provide non-system-architecture purposes.  For example, you may have a product cost table that holds the cost details for ALL products - e.g. Product type A and Product Type B.  When you add a new "Product A" to your XPOR, the creation of the new Product Object could use this table to copy its' cost into the new objects Cost property.  This kind of approach is particularly appropriate if the costs of the Products are going to change. - only one table to be managed, to control the costs of all new products, without affecting the costs of all products previously created / sold!


The attached video shows how to make a simple listing Grid, based on a Table type of data source and then how to create the Table Editor form, together with its' use on the Front end of a website.

The example mentioned above has not been used!  Instead we have simply used a system Table for the Data source and created a Table Editor for it, to demonstrate the process.

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