The Sub Table XPOR property

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Some objects require properties that are, effectively, a list. For example, a Job may comprise of a list of milestones, which differ in quantity and detail for each task that is added to the system. This would be a sub-table property.
The Sub Table can have any number of the standard XPOR properties added to it and can be versioned in the same way that other the principal objects can be versioned.


The attached shows the creation of a simple Object Type with one property - a Sub Table.  It then makes the interface for that Object Type - with a Grid form for the sub table list.  Finally we make an example object in an XPOR installation and demonstrate the sub table property in use.

Sub Table Properties

Sub Table Properties - what are they used for?  As mentioned, a Sub-Table is effectvely a list.  So, if an object has a property that is effectively a list, then this is the Property to use.  Here are some examples.

Recording Performance of a Fan object

Consider that we want to know the usage of a Desk Fan (for some reason!).  The fan is an object, - colour, diameter, style etc. But we would also include a Sub Table Property "Usage".  This would include fields for Time on, Time Off and Speed Setting.  Then we can enter this information each time we use the fan.


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