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Text Area controls will display data as plain text in a box which can display multiple lines of text, rather than the single line "Text Field Control".


How to Setup

When adding a Text Area to a form it needs to be positioned under a "Field Set Container" that is under a "Form". There is some customization for this Control, they are:

1) Data Binding: This is where you set up the binding to the field on the object that you want to display.

2) Field Label: The name that will appear next to the Text Area.

3) Field Width: The width in pixels that the Text Area will display, 0 is 100%.

4) Hide Label: If set to "True" the Label will be hidden.

5) Hide When Blank: If the field bound to this field is empty the Text Area will not appear instead of displaying an empty box.

6) Tool Tip Text: If text is in this field a white "i" in a blue circle will appear and when moused over the tooltip will appear.



Text Area Control

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