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Templates are used to form the layout of your web pages, as well as set any styles or default functional atoms.


First Use

Web Page Templates are created in Object Modeller / Template Manager. When the Xpor system is first installed, you are provided with three basic templates;

  1. Home
  2. Content
  3. Email


Templates are used to generate web pages. When a web page is added to a website, you will select a template, from which it will be based.

Templates provide;

  1. A physical layout
  2. Default functional atoms (in the layout)
  3. Default style aspects, such as background colour, padding and size
  4. Responsiveness configuration

The Web Page Template is a normal XPOR object, provided with Associations, Permissions and Change Log.  The Associations under the catregory "CMS" are used to manage the usage of the template.

Template Javascript File

If each of the pages you are building with the template are to run a custom Javascript function, you can create a JavaScript File object and associate it to the template.  Whenever any pages are created with this template, the Javascript File will fire, in accordance with the code that you must include in a Bespoke Code File Atom.

When a Page is made from a Template, the web page can subsequently be edited to change the types of Atoms that have been applied to it by the template.  

When some aspects of a template are changed, they will immediately apply to the pages that are built from that template.

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