Permissions Caching

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Permissions are a very secure way of managing objects in your system. However, checking the database for an account's permissions every time it attempts to view an object severely reduces performance. Instead of this, Xpor has a simple solution that maximises performance without reducing the security provided by permissions instead at the cost of some flexibility - permission caching.


What is Permissions Caching

During the process of logging in, a users account will take a snapshot of it's permissions from the database. This means that there will only be one 'call' to the database to calculate their account's permissions instead of every time they attempt to perform an action on an object.


Dramatically reduces the number of 'calls' made to the server and therefore increases the peformance of the server.

Maintains the high levels of security that permissions provide.


If you change the permissions that users account's have they won't take affect until those users have logged out and back in again.


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