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One of the most well used controls on a form is the Text Field.  Simple boxes that either display or allow you to input plain text data against an object's properties.  This Help Resource and attached video demonstrate how to add a Text Field to a grid, together with the configuration options.


How to Setup

When adding a Text Field to a form it needs to be positioned under a "Field Set Container" that is under a "Form".  The text field is fairly basic.  Nevertheless, it does have some configuration options;

Allow Blank

By default this field is set to True.

If changed to False, the Text Control will require the user to enter data into this field before it is allowed to be saved -  a Mandatory Field.  In the following image the Text box was changed to All Blank FALSE.  Note the information button carries a message, which displays the text that is controlled in the "Blank Text" property (below).

text box allow blank false 


The Anchor number is a method of rapidly navigating a large form.

Blank Text

The Blank text is displayed if the Allow Blank property is set to False and the user tries to save the Form with no data in the field

Data Binding

This property is where control is bound to the property of the object that is either going to be displayed and/or edited.

Field Label

The name that will appear next to the Text Field.

Field Width

The width in pixels that the Text Field will display, 0 is 100%.

Hide Label

If set to "True" the Label will be hidden.

Hide When Blank

If the field bound to this field is empty the Text Field will not appear instead of displaying an empty box.

Input Mask

This property will accept a regular expression (see http://www.regular-expressions.info for more expalnation of regular expressions) that is used to assess and "reject" the data that has been entered into the control.

Read only

By default this control is set to False and the control will allow the user to type in a value.  The control can be set to True, in which case it will not accept any data changes. 

Tool Tip Text

If any text is entered into this property, the control will display an Information icon next to it.  If the User mouses-over the blue information icon, then the text entered into this property will display.  Useful for Help tips and data descriptions.

Validate Blank

 If this option is set to TRUE then the Control will follow the validation rules set in the Validation Type explained below

Prevent Advanced Search

If this Option is set to True, then this control will not be presented to the User in the Advanced Search Option (XPOR back end search function).  This only applies if the form is the Object Editor for this object type

Maximum Length

The maximum characters allowed, if exceeded it will not be possible to save. 0 is unlimited.

Minimum Length

The minimum characters allowed, if not reached it will not be possible to save.

Validation Message

If the Validation type is not satisfied when they are entering data into the control, then this message is disaplyed.

Validation Type

There are Five options for Validation Type.

  1. By default the control is set with "None" - the first option!
  2. The second option is Alpha - which means the control will only accept LETTERS entered into it.
  3. The third option is Alpha numeric - i.e. letter and numbers.
  4. The fourth option is Email - this checks that the data being entered is XXXX@XXXX.XXX format.  It will only allow the object to be saved if the format is correct.
  5. The fifth Option is URL - similar to the email option, this will only accept format http://www.XXXXXX.XXX


If the bound field has no content this text will be displayed in grey text.

Text Field Control

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