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Facebook Profiles objects are used to connect your XPOR to Facebook accounts.  If the Facebook account has adequate permissons it will also enable XPOR to Auto-Publish News articles to your Facebook Pages. This help file explains Facebook Profile object type.


Details Tab

Usual basic object details settings, such as Creation Date / Contact etc.

Settings Tab

The Seeting tab provides access to the Connection facility and details;

Connect Facebook Profile

The button at the top of this form labelled "Connect" will open Facebook, where you will need to log in with the account you are looking to connect with;

Connect to Facebook1

XPOR Profile Connect to Facebook

This will then connect you to Facebook, to confirm that you are happy to allow XPOR to use these details to connect to it for publishing purposes.


The "Pages" tab will list out the Facebook pages that this account is Administrator for (you may need to refresh the grid to see them).

To publish to a page it must be set as default, to do this double click on a page and tick "Is Default" and save your changes. Only 1 page can be set as default.


To publish to this page the social profile needs to be associated to a News Channel. This enables News Items to Auto-Publish to Social Profiles when they themselves are Published.


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