Can you build it?

Yes you can!

Can you build it?

Yes you can!

Can you build it?
Yes you can!

Is the real value in your business its' people?

Unlock the creativity of the people who work with and manage your organisation.

Improve service and productivity from within - for a sustainable and durable business model.

This is the better way so give it a go and find out.



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Back End Administration

You'll be expecting something special here.

You won't be disappointed. 

The XPOR back-end administration system is packed with features. So let's get started by understanding the basic principals of the XPOR adminstration system.  It's a good place to start, though only part of the story you are about to experience.


The XPOR administration website interface


Front End web service

The back end is great but your new service will be all about the Front End, that's where you'll get people to engage.

Most of what happens on the front end of your XPOR web service will involve other people in your organisation doing their own work - completing forms and managing the things they do.  This usually completely removes the need for regular front end editing of the website.

This is a shame, in a way, because the XPOR Front end CMS is a cool thing to use!

Overview of front end cms functions


System Model

This is what we have been building up to - your turn to shine!

Let's have a look at how you are going to approach modeling your own systems.  A few simple principals and you'll soon be "Back in Control" 


Part 1 introduction to System Modelling

Part 2 introduction to System Modelling


Object Modelling

Armed with your system model sketch - time to have some fun.

This bit's really going to impress you.  Quick, easy, powerful and under your control.  Your sketch model will soon be a real on-line web service.  Make new objects and browse it all in your Admin system.


Part 1 Creating new object types

Part 2 Creating new object types