XPOR - No Coding Required!

XPOR - No Developers

XPOR - Your Processes

XPOR - Your Creativity

XPOR - Your Control

You are NOT going to believe what you can do with the XPOR web platform!

XPOR is designed from the "ground up" to enable people who don't have coding skill..

Describe your business process (we call this "Modelling") to XPOR, using the System Modeller tool.  

This builds the web service architecture as you go!

So what is Object Modelling?...


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Everything is an Object

Let's stop making things difficult!

Instead, think of them as they are in the real world! "Things" or "Objects".

Everything is an object!

This web page is an object, this website is an object, documents are objects and you (your account!) are an object.

To demonstrate the principal - the ELDER WAND is an object.


Objects have Properties

Properties describe your Objects. You have a first name, a surname, a gender, date of birth etc.

This website has a Domain, a published status, date, name, language options etc.

Instead of making things complicated, just think of them as they really are!

Let's consider the Elder Wand.


Objects Associate to each other

It's all very well having "Objects", but they mean nothing unless they are in context!  For example, you are "employed" by your company, you "live" in your house, you "graduated" from your school etc.

Let's consider the Elder Wand again.  It is owned by the person who took it from its' previous owner.

We'd make that an Association - "The Elder Wand" - "Owned By" - "Harry Potter" - that's your model!

Objects Associate to other Objects.

Forms are windows onto your Objects

The Elder Wand was also owned by a few other Wizards. We can add them all into XPOR and associate them to the wand.

List them out on a Form, with any details you might want to include - how long they owned it, who they killed, what their patronus was ...

Forms show parts or all of an object, or a collection of objects that are associated to each other.

Change the Owner of the Elder Wand - and the Form will automatically show this.  That's where Voldermort went wrong - wasn't using XPOR!